Narda Remote Spectrum Analyzer NRA

Multi-Channel Spectrum Analyzer NRA

Clearly application oriented

Select the NRA variant and options that are specially designed for your application. Applications for the remote spectrum analyzer are simplified by clever options such as high performance multi channel power measurement.

High speed measurement

Obtain your measurement results faster than ever before with the NRA thanks to introducing the best of both worlds: superhet principle for wide span analysis paired with latest FFT technology for smallest RBWs. These devices unite rapid measurement with reliable and accurate results.

Exceptional RF characteristics

Use the remote spectrum analyzer NRA to measure across the entire frequency range with narrow and wide resolution bandwidths with RF specifications that more than meet the requirements.

Compact size

At just 1U high, you can fit the remote spectrum analyzer basic units into your instrument rack without problems, and benefit from the low weight (< 5 kg), low power consumption (< 25 VA) and noiseless operation (no ventilator fan).

Easy integration

Integrate the NRA into your measurement environment via Ethernet
(100BASE-TX) simply and conveniently using easy to understand commands.

Comprehensive remote control

The comprehensive remote control documentation for the NRA and the demo programs supplied will give you all the help you need to program your own applications.

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